Indonesia to announce WiMAX winners in July

19 May 2009

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MoCI) plans to announce the winners of the tender for WiMAX broadband operating licences in July, The Jakarta Post reports. MoCI minister Muhammad Nuh says the agency is currently in the process of establishing its fee policy for each of the 15 franchise zones initially made available for WiMAX licences. The MoCI is holding talks with the Finance Ministry and will levy its fees dependent on the purchasing power of people living within the zones, it said. WiMAX operating licences will be awarded to two operators per zone and bidders will be able to bid for concessions in more than one operating area. The regulator reports strong interest in the tender with no fewer than 73 telecoms companies already confirmed as participating in the auction. It is understood auction participants were required to propose a minimum of 35% use of local products to supporting the new system. The initial zones set up for WiMAX include three zones in Sumatra, four zones in Java, two zones in Kalimantan, and one zone each for Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Papua, Maluku, Sulawesi, and Riau Island.