Mexican trio join forces to offer standardised triple-play bundles

12 May 2009

According to Reuters two cable units of Mexican broadcaster Televisa are planning to link up with at least one rival operator to offer triple-play services aimed at low-income earners. The new services, offered under the ‘YOO’ banner, will see Cablevision and Cablemas join forces with Megacable, and will be available in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. While Cablevision and Cablemas already offer triple-play packages, this will be Megacable’s first triple-play bundle; it already offers fixed line voice, broadband and television services as individually. The ‘YOO’ service will cost USD38 per month, around 24% less than Cablevision’s existing triple-play service, although it will offer slower broadband speeds and fewer television channels. Cablemas subscribers already pay USD38 per month for the telco’s current bundle, although the new offer will increase the broadband speed and number of channels for the same price.