Hey Buddie wanna buy a Zim SIM?

12 May 2009

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator by subscribers, Econet Wireless, has resumed the sale of pre-paid lines, following recent upgrades to network capacity and regulatory clearance to charge users in foreign currency. Econet released more than 50,000 ‘Buddie’ pay-as-you-go SIM cards for sale; a package comprises a USD5 SIM, USD10 initial talk time and USD10 worth of SMS text messages. Econet corporate communications manager Rangarirai Mberi said that Econet would continue to release more lines, made possible by the injection of USD95 million to expand its network. Econet has recently completed an upgrade to its network in the Bulawayo region where it installed a 600,000 subscriber capacity switch, as well as new high capacity base stations throughout Zimbabwe’s second largest city.