Ghana and Burkina Faso discuss fibre-optic interconnection

12 May 2009

Ghana’s Minister of Communications, Haruna Iddrisu, and the Minister of Posts and ICT of Burkina Faso, Noel Kabore, have held talks to review the progress made to date concerning plans to interconnect the two countries’ respective fibre-optic communication networks. The decision to interconnect the networks forms part of the commitment of ECOWAS member states to foster economic integration. It is understood the latest meeting considered some technical aspects and the practical feasibility of interconnection, as well as discussing a possible time frame for it to take place. Ghana and Burkina Faso also declared their determination to prioritise their fibre-optic development plans to achieve interconnection by 2010. As part of this plan, it has been agreed that Burkina Faso incumbent ONATEL will extend its optical fibre connection from Bittou to Bawku. Burkina Faso has also been urged to accelerate its plan to construct fibre-optic networks from Ouagadougou to Po to connect with Ghana through Paga.

Burkina Faso, Ghana