Entel: 3G priority for 2009 CAPEX

1 May 2009

Chilean fixed line and mobile operator Entel plans to invest up to USD500million in 2009, with 80% going into expanding the company’s 3G network and the rest into fixed line infrastructure, writes BNamericas citing Entel’s president Juan Jose Hurtado. The executive said the company is concerned that it is not able to participate in the upcoming auction for spectrum in the 1700MHz/2100MHz band, thanks to a supreme court ruling on 27 January which stipulated that existing players may not exceed 60MHz of spectrum per operator – which Entel already has. ‘Due to the growth seen in mobile telephony in Chile, we are very close to the limit. That 60MHz was destined essentially for voice. Today, along with voice we have the world of data. As a result, we are very tight on spectrum and to keep growing in the future, we need more spectrum,’ Hurtado said. Chilean telecoms regulator Subtel requested that the restriction be imposed, in the hope that this will encourage a fifth mobile operator to enter the market.

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