Congolese ISP signs contract with O3b Networks

30 Apr 2009

O3b Networks (O3b), the satellite-based global internet backbone operator backed by Google, Liberty Global and HSBC, has announced that Congolese ISP Global Broadband Solution (GBS) has signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract for its Quick Start service. Quick Start carrier managed service will provide high-bandwidth, low-latency internet access directly to GBS. Once connected, GBS will offer affordable, high speed internet access to its customers over its infrastructure, which includes a WiMAX network. ‘O3b’s internet backhaul service is a key element in our on-going project to build the first nationwide 4G mobile internet wireless network in DRC,’ said Daniel Vanderstraete, president of GBS. ‘By combining the affordable low latency bandwidth of O3b and the new mobile WiMAX technology, we are bringing an unprecedented combination of speed and mobility to DRC’.

Congo, Dem. Rep.