Packet One likely to hit subscriber target for end-2009

28 Apr 2009

The Malaysian Business Times is reporting that WiMAX operator Packet One Networks (P1) is ‘almost on track’ to hits its 250,000 subscriber target by the end of 2009. Citing comments from P1 CEO Michael Lai, it was also noted that the operator is planning to launch commercial WiMAX internet access services in Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu and Ipoh by the end of this year. ‘This year, our priority will be to push for coverage, coming out with products, services and devices that attract people, as well as to continue to emphasise quality of service. Based on our [subscriber] numbers, we are about there, to hit our year-end target’, Mr Lai said. The executive also revealed that the launch of voice services is under consideration.

Separately P1’s parent company, Green Packet, has announced that it plans to sign partnership agreements with regional WiMAX players, although it has not disclosed the nature of the deals.