Clearwire finds allies in Taiwan

27 Apr 2009

Clearwire has signed cooperation agreements with Taiwanese WiMAX licensees Global Mobile and Vee Telecom, Taipei Times reports. The wireless broadband providers will join Clearwire’s global alliance partners scheme, agreeing to cooperate on roaming, technology and digital content with the US-based company. Vee and Global hope that the respective agreements will help with the rollout of their WiMAX networks, both currently scheduled to go live in the third quarter of 2009. Clearwire president Barry West said, ‘Clearwire will provide the expertise and the experience it has gained from the rollout of its own US and European-based WiMAX operations.’

Under the memorandum of understanding between Clearwire and Vee the US company will take on a stake of less than 10% in Vee in exchange for the provision of technological and consultation services on WiMAX related infrastructure. Clearwire will also receive warrants to acquire a minority stake in Global Mobile, although West stated that there will be ‘no cash investment.’

Taiwan, United States, Clearwire, Global Mobile, VeeTIME (Taichung Digital Cable)