Dutch authorities postpone 2.6GHz spectrum auction

23 Apr 2009

The government of the Netherlands has decided to postpone the auction of 2.6GHz frequency spectrum until the first quarter of 2010 – the fourth time the date of the auction has been pushed back since its original 2007 launch date. It is understood the delay is the result of an amendment to the tender, in the shape of the addition of a sixth licence to the auction. Originally, the country planned to issue five concessions with a maximum 40MHz each, but the plan drew criticism from some politicians who argued the concessions would most likely be snapped up by incumbent mobile operators KPN Mobile, Vodafone and T-Mobile, and cable operators UPC and Ziggo – meaning that no new players would enter the market. As a result, an amendment was passed to ensure that a minimum 20% of the spectrum be allocated to new market entrants (not including the aforementioned cablecos).