Ecuador on course for number portability

15 Apr 2009

Ecuador’s telecoms policy maker Secretario Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Senatel) has signed a contract with Ecuadorian-Norwegian consortium Systor Telconet JR Electric Supply and the country’s three mobile operators, Movistar, Porta and Alegro, to implement mobile number portability (MNP). The technology provider, a joint venture of Ecuadorian corporate carrier Telconet and Norwegian database provider Systor Trondheim, won a tender to administrate a number portability database at the end of last month. According to Telecoms Secretary Jaime Guerrero, tests of the system, costing an estimated USD11 million, will be carried out in July ready for commercial launch by 12 October. Telecoms regulator Consejo Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel) previously said that an MNP system should be ready for quality testing by 10 October, ahead of a proposed deadline for cellcos to commercially launch MNP to mobile users in February 2010. Customers will be able to port a number free of charge up to twice per year.