Subtel launches 3G tender

7 Apr 2009

Chilean telecoms regulator Subtel has published details of a tender for 3G licences to be held in July. ‘This is an industry that has enjoyed double-digit growth since 2006. This contest raises the possibility of increased competition that will directly benefit consumers,’ said Minister of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT), Rene Cortazar. Under the tender three blocks of 30MHz in the 1700MHz and 2100MHz frequency band will be allocated; winners will be those which promise the widest population coverage in the shortest amount of time.

Following the resolutions laid down by the Supreme Court regarding the participation of existing mobile operators in the 3G contest, the MTT has ruled that if any of the incumbent 2G mobile companies win a 3G concession, and the allocation causes them to exceed the 60MHz cap set by the Supreme Court, they must agree to dispose of the excess spectrum, either by amendment, waiver of a former concession through an open tender or to unrelated third parties, within a period of five months. The 3G licences will be awarded on 15 July.