Clearwire to launch ‘WiMAX Innovation Network’

6 Apr 2009

US based broadband operator Clearwire has announced plans to launch a WiMAX network in California’s Silicon Valley. The initiative is being targeted at local developers with the aim of facilitating development of new WiMAX applications. The network will initially cover more than 20 square miles and bring 4G wireless services to some of the world’s leading technology developers, including Google and Intel, who have agreed to participate in the scheme. Cisco Systems will provide core infrastructure equipment for the rollout of the next generation network (NGN). The platform is expected to be up and running by late summer and will be provided free to a limited number of qualified developers for one year. Clearwire plans to launch its Clear 4G network in more than 80 cities by the end of 2010, covering up to 120 million people.

United States, Clearwire