Anatel approves PLC technology

6 Apr 2009

Brazil’s national telecoms regulator Anatel has approved Power Line Communications (PLC) technology, allowing for the transmission of broadband internet signals via utility firms’ power grid networks. Local newspaper Jornal de Manha reports the decision is designed to bolster universal broadband access in the country, redressing the problem that currently fixed line operators’ infrastructure only covers 62% of locations, whereas electricity supplies are available in virtually all households. One PLC start-up AES Eletropaulo, is reportedly preparing to launch a large scale PLC internet access trial offering an average 10Mbps connection. Meanwhile, Copel Telecom, part of the Company Paranaense de Energia group, is more advanced with its rollout, and claims to be ready to launch a commercial service to end-users offering a 10Mbps connection. A third player, Cemig’s Infovia unit, is also testing PLC and says it is ‘ready to offer broadband through [its] network of 6.5 million customers’.