Telefonica tests LTE network in Spain

3 Apr 2009

Spanish telecom giant Telefonica has announced that it has made what it claims is the first voice call using LTE technology on a ‘real’ network. The company has been running tests of the technology at its demonstration centre in Madrid, and has said that the trials will allow it to plan for future technical requirements for a commercial deployment. The initial demonstrations have included VoIP calls and videocalls using an LTE mini-network installed by Ericsson, with the operator reporting that it had recorded speeds for videoconferencing and data downloads of more than 140Mbps.

Additionally, Telefonica has announced that it intends to start rolling out its HSPA+ network in Spain by the middle of the year, enabling transmission speeds of up to 21Mbps downstream. It also revealed that its 3G network now covers approximately 90% of the population, whilst its HSDPA and HSUPA coverage will expand to 85% and 50% by the end of the year respectively.