T-Mobile Germany blocks Skype access from iPhones

2 Apr 2009

T-Mobile Germany will not allow its customers to use a new Skype application designed specifically for the iPhone, according to The Local. The voice-over-IP (VoIP) service allows users to make telephone calls for free, or more cheaply than traditional telephone providers. T-Mobile spokesperson, Alexander von Schmettow, told the paper: ‘It is clearly stated in our customer contracts that such services may not be used. There are two reasons for this – because the high level of traffic would hinder our network performance, and because if the Skype programme didn’t work properly, customers would make us responsible for it.’

Meanwhile Scott Durchslag, Skype’s CEO, commented: ‘Skype software for the iPhone has been the number one request among our users.’ He added that in general, network providers are becoming more and more open to the service. AT&T in the US is prepared to allow the use of Skype software on iPhones when calls are made via wireless internet hotspots, while O2 in the UK has also chosen to give its customers access to the new application. Furthermore, an agreement between Skype and Nokia made in February established plans to deliver future phones with Skype software already installed, and Skype software for BlackBerries should be available by May.

Schmettow said T-Mobile Germany would not rule out allowing the application in the future.

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