Finnish communications ministry unveils 2.6GHz spectrum auction plans

30 Mar 2009

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced that it is to hold an auction for spectrum in the 2500MHz-2690MHz range this November. A total of 14 lots of 2×5MHz bandwidth pairs will be offered in the 2500MHz-2570MHz and 2620MHz-2690MHz range, whilst frequencies in the 2570MHz-2620MHz range will be auctioned as a single 50MHz block. No more than 50MHz will be issued to any one bidder however, in order to prevent domination of the frequencies by any one company; the ministry also hopes the limitation will see at least four different operators pick up spectrum. Licences will be valid for a 20-year period, and the regulator has also said that licensees could sell or lease the rights to use such spectrum, subject to government approval. The base price for the auction has been set at EUR15,000 (USD19,900) per MHz. Additionally, all companies taking part in the process will be charged a tender participation fee of EUR50,000 to cover administrative costs incurred by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA).