EU requests DT fixed line termination rate details

30 Mar 2009

The European Commission (EC) has asked Germany’s telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency (FNA) to provide details on the rates incumbent telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom (DT) charges other carriers to connect calls on its fixed line network. At present, the FNA only provides general information about the principles it will apply, rather than notifying the Commission and the national regulators of the other 26 member states of the actual levels of fixed line rates, as required by the European Union (EU) telecoms rules’ consultation.

EU telecoms commissioner, Viviane Reding, commented: ‘Just as the Commission previously reminded the FNA to notify us of regulations on mobile termination rates before their adoption, we now need to remind them that the same legal requirement applies to wholesale prices charged by fixed line operators. In order to ensure consistent European regulatory landscape and to enhance internal market, it is vital that proposals for these important inter-operator charges are adopted only after consultation with the Commission and other national regulators in the EU, as required by the European law.’ The warning follows the EC’s request in December 2008 for the FNA to notify it of mobile termination rates, stating that it considers the fees to be high in the country compared with those in other member states. Should the FNA continue to fail to comply with this obligation, the Commission may open an infringement procedure for non-compliance with EU law.