Vodafone and DTAC sign strategic partnership

26 Mar 2009

UK-based Vodafone Group and Thailand’s second largest mobile operator DTAC have jointly announced that they have signed a ‘partner market’ agreement, under which DTAC will have exclusive access to Vodafone’s range of products, devices and services in Thailand and will be able to draw on Vodafone’s experience in supply chain management, technology development, the acquisition of enterprise customers as well as improved interconnection between networks. According to a press release, as part of a phased rollout Vodafone will be able to use DTAC’s network to offer seamless voice and data roaming for its customers visiting Thailand through the use of ‘home’ network capabilities. The two companies will cooperate to provide additional support to Vodafone Global Enterprise customers, many of whom have a presence in Thailand. In turn, Vodafone will provide DTAC customers with improved voice and data roaming access across 67 countries. In Asia, Vodafone has existing partner market agreements in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.