Mada Communications launches WiMAX network

26 Mar 2009

Mada Communications has announced the commercial launch of an 802.16e-based WiMAX network using equipment supplied by Motorola. The network enables Mada to offer wireless broadband services, including voice and high speed data, to residential and enterprise customers and internet service providers (ISPs) across the region. Through Motorola’s wholesale model introduction, Mada Communications is also able to offer WiMAX services to other ISPs, expanding the potential of the WiMAX network and increasing revenues for the company. Initially, the network has coverage of Amman, Irbid and Zaraq, although Mada has plans to expand to the rest of the country. Subscribers will be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 10Mbps. ‘This is about empowering our customers to experience a nationwide 4G broadband network that is designed to offer higher speeds, lower cost and greater convenience’, said Charles Hage, managing director and co-founder of Mada Communications.

Mada Communications, a Kuwaiti company established in 1982, is an international carrier and broadband wireless provider. Having been licensed in its domestic market as a wireless broadband provider since 1997, in 2007 Mada embarked on an ambitious plan for expansion in the region and subsequently won the WiMAX licence in Jordan, as well as acquiring WorldPoint Communications, an international carrier with presence in more than 45 countries. Before the end of 2009 Mada plans to acquire an additional two WiMAX licences, with the goal of becoming the largest WiMAX operator in the region by the end of the year.