Eight companies pass first hurdle to offer telecoms services

26 Mar 2009

BNamericas writes that eight companies have passed the initial stage of obtaining approval to offer telecoms services in Costa Rica. Citing local press, the report adds that a total of 19 companies requested permission from the local regulator Sutel to offer cable TV, pre-paid telephony, internet and VoIP services, in competition with state-owned telco ICE. The companies to have passed the initial stage are Dodona (Amnet), Intertel Worldwide, R&H Internacional Telecom Services, WorldCom de Costa Rica, Callmyway NY, Redes Inalambricas de Costa Rica, Junta Administradora del Servicio Electrico Municipal de Cartago and Cyber Conexion.

Sutel will now study whether the companies’ proposals meet technical, legal and financial requirements. The companies must publish their proposals in the official gazette and a ten-day period will ensue during which objections to the proposals can be made. The bidders will then have five days to respond. Once approvals are made, Sutel will have 60 days to deliver the licences.