MoC presses MIRS to consider 3G rollout

18 Mar 2009

Globes Online is reporting that Israel’s Ministry of Communications (MoC) is encouraging iDEN operator MIRS Communications to roll out a 3G network. MIRS had previously announced plans to enter the WiMAX market, but following the release of the regulator’s WiMAX policy recommendations earlier this month the operator is believed to be reconsidering its options. Even before the new regulations had been released, reports in January suggested MIRS was mulling the option of entering the MVNO market. The regulator has said it will offer any legal assistance needed to aid the setup should MIRS decide to act on the suggestions. It is understood that the MoC is pressing for MIRS to consider setting up a 3G network using frequencies that were not successfully sold off in 2000. In its WiMAX policy recommendations the MoC said it will form a committee to examine the reallocation of frequencies.