DT, Ericsson trial 100G

17 Mar 2009

German telecoms operator, Deutsche Telekom (DT) has successfully completed trials of 100Gbps (‘100G’) transmission in Germany using optical equipment supplied by Ericsson. The trials were carried out over DT’s Marconi MHL 3000 WDM platform, which was deployed in July 2008 for 40Gbps transmission. Hakan Eriksson, senior vice president and CTO of Ericsson, said: ‘100G transmission is at the cutting edge of optical technology and is expected to become a key requirement for many network operators in the coming years. It is an excellent fact that Ericsson is already displaying our capabilities to demonstrate the technology and work closely with customers like DT to refine the technology.’

The pilot forms part of a three-year EUR66 million (USD85.6 million) project coordinated by Celtic Telecommunications Solutions, called 100-GET. The main aim of the project, which involves more than 30 companies including Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia Siemens Networks, is to develop carrier-grade transport networks based on a data transmission rate of 100Gbps over Ethernet at high quality.