Technical problems hit Ziggo

12 Mar 2009

Dutch multiservice cable operator Zesko Holdings, which trades under the Ziggo banner, reports it is experiencing technical difficulties on its network in the north of the country as it tries to migrate 300,000 Multikabel customers onto its new Ziggo database. The cableco issued a statement on its web site saying that due to technical errors, hundreds of customers could be left without a telephone or internet connection. It has provided a series of steps to remedy the situation, but the failure is a potential embarrassment to the firm which in October last year faced widespread criticism concerning the poor service quality of its media bundle, and in particular its voice telephony service.

At the time, Ziggo, created by the merger of multiservice operators Casema, Multikabel and Essent @Home, was cited by Dutch consumer TV show Radar and local newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden, both of which asked people to come forward with their complaints about the service. Ziggo’s customer care centre appeared unable to resolve the issues which focused on faults in the operator’s telephony service that left many users with a dead line. Ziggo has experienced a raft of teething problems since its creation, and last year launched a charm offensive to stave off criticism.