APEK launches third WiMAX licence auction

5 Mar 2009

Slovenian telecoms regulator, the Postal and Electronic Communications Agency (APEK), has published a public tender for the country’s third nationwide broadband wireless access (WiMAX) licence. The ten-year concession is for operating broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) systems in the frequency range 3410MHz to 3600MHz. The minimum licence fee is set at EUR167,000 (USD209,000), with offers to be received by 13 April 2009, and APEK will decide on a winner within eight months of the deadline (13 December 2009). The winning bidder must roll out wireless broadband services covering 60% of the population, ‘of which at least one-third in rural areas’, within three years from the date of notification of the regulator’s decision. The company must also allow for roaming, migration of users to and from other networks and interconnection with competitors’ networks. Telekom Slovenije and Tok Telecommunications hold nationwide WiMAX frequencies in Slovenia, following licence awards in October 2006. Other firms to have expressed an interest in obtaining WiMAX concessions in the country include Stelkom, Si.Mobil, WiMAX Telecom and Nexcom Telecommunications.