Philcomsat petitions NTC for frequency allocation

2 Mar 2009

Philippine Communications Satellite Corp (Philcomsat) has requested that the telecoms regulator the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) continue to assign it with its current allocated frequencies to allow it to proceed with its business relaunch this year. The operator’s move comes in the wake of the NTC’s warning that it will recall any frequencies that have not yet been used. Local paper the Business Mirror confirms that Philcomsat is among the many phone firms ordered by the NTC to explain why its assigned frequency band should not be recalled for non-utilisation. The operator was allocated spectrum in the 3.4GHz-3.6GHz band but admits it is not currently using the spectrum – originally granted to operate VSAT services between 2000 and 2006. In 2006, however, Philcomsat ceased providing VSAT services after it realised that it was not earning any meaningful income from it.

In its filing to the NTC, the company said: ‘Notwithstanding such temporary cessation, Philcomsat has since then not stopped from looking for more feasible applications for the VSAT service and frequency band. In fact, Philcomsat recently found a new client that would require and/or allow it to revive its operations on VSAT services, particularly necessitating the need to use the subject frequency band for video broadcast application.’ The proposed agreement is expected to begin operations within the next six months, the company added.