Tele Columbus revenues grow 11.6%

27 Feb 2009

German cable network operator Tele Columbus (TC) has reported revenues of EUR259 million (USD330.1 million) for 2008, representing an increase of 11.6% compared with 2007. Operating profits grew by 11% to EUR109 million, and by the end of the year the company served around 2.5 million connected households. Tele Columbus expects more synergies during 2009 from the planned integration of partner cable network operator PrimaCom, and it will continue to deploy its cable network in Berlin, which currently covers 56,400 households, with 150,000 more households to be connected by the end of this year. During 2008 the number of TC’s digital TV subscriptions rose by 65% to 118,000, internet users grew by 36% to 84,000, and telephone connections increased by 48% to 57,000.

Germany, PrimaCom, Tele Columbus Group (PYUR)