ACCC extends fixed service review deadline

26 Feb 2009

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has received a request from incumbent Tesltra for the extension of the deadline for submission on the regulator’s fixed line service review paper. According to itWire, the ACCC had initially set a deadline of 13 March, but Telstra is understood to have asked for this to be pushed back to 10 April. The telco is arguing that it needs additional time to assess a decision from the Federal Court earlier this year that overturned exemptions orders by the ACCC that released Telstra from WLR and LCS obligations in approximately 198 exchanges across the country; the court’s ruling is expected by 12 March. As a result the ACCC has agreed to extend the deadline to 27 March, with Michael Cosgrave, the regulator’s general manager, noting that he was ‘not completely convinced of the rationale.’