Ziggo picks Adva and Arcadiz for new optical infrastructure

25 Feb 2009

Dutch cable operator Zesko Holdings (Ziggo) has selected ADVA Optical Networking, supported by system integrator Arcadiz Telecom, to install a new 10Gbps Coarse/Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (C/DWDM) network in order to meet its future bandwidth needs. The cableco, which offers cable television, digital TV, broadband internet services and voice telephony, is looking to implement a new network built on Adva’s FSP 3000 equipment, providing it with a scalable, cost-effective platform for delivering voice, video and internet services to its almost eight million customers. In addition, to meet the demands of its enterprise users, Ziggo is looking to deploy a network that will provide business Ethernet services and reliable data centre connectivity across multiple protocols. Ziggo currently services 3.3 million households, 1.4 million broadband internet customers, 900,000 digital TV customers and 750,000 voice telephony subscribers. The company also has a strong position in the market for business telecom products and services.