SCT gives go-ahead for local dialling area consolidation

25 Feb 2009

Mexico’s Secretario de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) has announced that it will consolidate 70 local dialling areas across the country. The consolidation had originally been due to take place in November 2008, but in October that year incumbent Telmex appealed to the SCT, which subsequently accepted the operator’s request to suspend the plans. In the first phase of the project 913 towns with 2.7 million fixed lines and 6.7 million mobile lines are expected to benefit, as once the areas are merged with neighbouring zones what were long-distance routes will be converted to local telephony. Consumers are expected to register savings of approximately USD3.2 million per month. By the end of the entire consolidation process, scheduled for December 2010, there are expected to be a total of 196 local dialling areas.