Anatel announces forthcoming 3G/WiMAX spectrum auction

23 Feb 2009

Brazil’s telecoms regulator the Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes (Anatel) has announced its intention to auction spectrum in the 2.5GHz and 3.5GHz bands this year for the rollout of third generation (3G) and WiMAX services. The watchdog has been trying to license the spectrum for such services for some time but has been forced to postpone the process on a number of occasions in the past few years. The Brazilian authorities believe the development of 3G/WiMAX in the country will help to speed up broadband internet penetration. Local paper the Jornal do Commercio reports Anatel’s general director Nelson Takayanagi as confirming that the allocation of the aforementioned 3.5GHz spectrum for WiMAX will take place ‘this year’.