Mobilkom: more acquisitions rumoured

20 Feb 2009

Mobilkom austria CEO Boris Nemsic has hinted to the press that the company could be considering further acquisitions. Currently, the operator has a presence in eight European markets: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Lichtenstein. Total Telecom reported Nemsic said, ‘Do not ask me when we [will] acquire the next company, because our friends the financial analysts do not like the answer.’

Nemsic also revealed subscriber figures for the mobilkom group, ahead of parent company Telekom Austria’s results due for release next week. 4.5 million of its 18 million subscribers at the end of 2008 came from Austria, where it saw 500,000 net additions last year. In Belarus the operator had 3.7 million customers, in Croatia 2.5 million, Slovenia 500,000, Serbia over 900,000 and Macedonia 242,000 customers, as of 31 December 2008.

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