Vodafone continues HSPA+ trials in Spain, achieves 20Mbps speeds

17 Feb 2009

Hot on the heel of reports last month that it had achieved peak download rates of 16Mbps using HSPA+ technology on its commercial Spanish network, Vodafone has announced that its continued trials of HSPA+ services in a test environment have delivered speeds of 20Mbps. In this latest trial, Vodafone claims to have further boosted network performance though the introduction of MIMO technology, using two antennas in both the handset and the base station to split the radio signal into two separate streams enhancing network capacity. Commenting on the trials Andy MacLeod, Global Networks Director at Vodafone, said, ‘Breaking the 20Mbps peak speed barrier in tests through HSPA+ MIMO is yet another key milestone in the evolution of 3G Mobile Broadband technology and raises the prospect of higher network performance for our customers in selected hotspots.’ The company is now understood to be looking at Dual Carrier-HSPA, which uses the aggregation of two adjacent radio channels to further enhance the customer’s experience.

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