Alca-Lu trials DVB-SH in Italy

17 Feb 2009

Alcatel-Lucent has teamed with mobile operator 3 Italia, TV broadcaster RAI and satellite operator Eutelsat to launch a trial of DVB-SH (Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite services to Handheld) technology in Turin. Once fully deployed the solution will allow users to capture mobile TV signals from both satellite and terrestrial networks. The second phase of the trial will begin in March this year, once Eutelsat launches its new W2A platform which will carry an S-band payload managed by Solaris Mobile (a joint venture of Eutelsat and SES Astra). Olivier Coste, chairman of Alcatel-Lucent’s mobile broadcast division, says the trial ‘clearly confirms the capability of the DVB-SH standard to extend and optimise the quality of service enjoyed by mobile TV viewers in Italy’.