Comium Data awarded WiMAX licence

13 Feb 2009

Telecoms service provider Comium Data, a subsidiary of Comium Group Holding, has been awarded a WiMAX licence by the Rwandan telecoms regulator, the Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA). Comium Data is already the owner of eleven licences and operates predominately in Africa and the Middle East. The company’s chief operating officer, Tony Ghattas, said: ‘We are privileged to participate in the country’s development. Rwanda is a market with remarkable growth potential and we believe that Comium Data will be able to offer services that truly enrich people’s lives as well as making major economic contribution to the country.’ RURA believes that the company will bring new services to the country, enabling the development of its education and healthcare sectors. In 2008 it was estimated that the total value of Rwanda’s ICT sector had surpassed USD50 million.