Iliad (Free) offers EUR210m for fourth 3G licence

5 Feb 2009

French broadband provider Iliad (Free) says it is willing to pay EUR210 million (USD272 million) for one of the 5MHz blocks of frequency on offer to run the country’s fourth and final 3G mobile network, Le Figaro reports. In an interview with the paper, Iliad co-founder and president, Xavier Niel, said that given the original asking price for the full 15MHz of spectrum on offer was EUR619 million, it is ‘fair and logical’ to offer roughly a third for a 1×5Mhz allocation. ‘We are willing to pay. Free has the means because the company has a solid financial structure and is one of the least indebted operators in Europe,’ he added. Last month the government of France announced it would split the fourth licence into three equal lots and reserve one block for a new market entrant.

France, Iliad (Free)