KDG subscribers increase by 8%

4 Feb 2009

German cableco Kabel Deutschland (KDG) grew its total subscriber base by 7.8% during 2008, the company announced in a press release. It reported a rise in total subscriptions to 11.4 million, up from 10.5 million at end-2007. Digital TV subscriptions saw the greatest increase by 10.8% to 846,300, up from 763,400 at 31 December 2007. The cableco also added an additional 163,000 broadband subscribers during 2008, bringing the total to 624,700, and now boasts a total of 616,000 telephony subscribers up by 529,800 year-on-year. Customers are also reportedly taking on more products, an average of 1.25 revenue generating units (RGUs) per customer, up from 1.16 at end-2007. The cableco has said it anticipates EBITDA of EUR565 million for its fiscal year ending 31 March 2009, up from EUR335 million a year earlier.

Germany, Kabel Deutschland