Motorola opens LTE trial network, test lab in the UK

2 Feb 2009

US-based hardware vendor Motorola has announced that it has launched a trial Long Term Evolution (LTE) network and testing lab in Swindon, UK. Motorola said that the launch was marked with a live, over the air, standards compliant LTE call during which high speed data services were streamed using the company’s LTE infrastructure operating in the 2.6GHz spectrum and a prototype LTE device. The expansion of Motorola’s LTE trial facilities will reportedly offer operators the ability to engage in LTE technology field trials and detailed real-world equipment testing at the UK site. Additionally, Motorola has said it can host the core elements of the LTE network for operators that require a hosted LTE trial. It is understood that the LTE lab will see Motorola engineers work on LTE radio frequency and self organising network (SON) development. Motorola’s first commercial release of LTE solutions is expected later this year, and will reportedly include products for both the 700MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum bands.

United Kingdom, Motorola