ComReg slashes wholesale number portability costs

2 Feb 2009

Ireland’s telecoms regulator, the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg), has slashed wholesale prices operators charge one another for switching either a mobile phone or fixed line to a new service provider. SiliconRepublic reports that ComReg’s decision will cut 90% off the cost of wholesale mobile porting charges and 70% for a wholesale fixed line change in which the end user retains their existing number. New wholesale number portability (NP) rates – which have to be provided under law by both fixed and mobile operators – will be levied at a maximum EUR2.05 (USD2.62) for porting a cellular number and EUR4.02 for a corresponding landline switch.

ComReg has announced additional changes to other wholesale fixed line NP charging, including a new maximum EUR3.50 fee for Geographic Number Portability (GNP) in relation to Unbundled Local Metallic Path (ULMP) provisioning, and a maximum charge of EUR5.74 for Non-Geographic Number Portability (NGNP).