TRAI calls for industry views on next generation networks

28 Jan 2009

According to India’s Economic Times, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has invited comments and opinions from industry players on the migration of services to next generation networks (NGNs). The move comes as the regulator prepares to issue a roadmap for companies that will move away from their existing infrastructure to new networks. The TRAI has previously said that there should be a solid regulatory framework in order to assist operators in the transition to newer infrastructure, while minimising some of the risks involved. ‘Unless licensing conditions and regulations are properly redefined with a light-touch regulatory approach, it will be difficult to encourage smooth migration to NGN. It has to be ensured that incentives for efficient investments are not distorted particularly by excessive regulations,’ a statement by the regulator noted. The TRAI has asked operators to highlight any areas of regulation or policy that they believe needs altering, and has also called for comments on who should regulate the sector.