Insight, Cox report customer growth

28 Jan 2009

US cable operator Insight Communications has reported its second consecutive year of 5% basic customer growth as it ended the year with 1.88 million ‘revenue generating units’ (RGUs), including approximately 470,000 high speed internet customers. ‘2008 was a remarkable year for Insight with 5% basic customer growth and record-breaking growth for our phone and digital services,’ said Michael Willner, CEO and Vice Chairman of Insight. ‘This year’s results are all the more impressive coming as they do after a terrific 2007 and in the midst of a very challenging economic environment.’

Separately, another US cable operator, Cox Communications, has announced that it ended 2008 with more than three million telephony customers and over four million cable internet subscribers. Cox president Pat Esser commented: ‘It is extremely gratifying to end 2008 with the achievement of these customer milestones. When we innovated the bundle of video, telephone and internet services, we had a competitive, entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for how our single-service cable TV company might evolve to the world class broadband communications company we are today.’

United States, Cox Communications, Insight Communications