DT and Ewe ink VDSL deal

28 Jan 2009

German telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom (DT) has signed an agreement with utilities provider Ewe to supply VDSL to eight cities in the region of Lower Saxony, as well as the city of Bremerhaven. Go Mo News reports that under the terms of the deal, DT will deploy VDSL in Bremerhaven and three cities in Lower Saxony, while Ewe will deploy networks through its subsidiaries Ewe Tel and Ewe Netz in the remaining five, although both operators will provide each other with access to their VDSL networks. This agreement follows an announcement by DT in December 2008 urging its rivals to help the company roll out VDSL technology to a much wider area. In the same month DT formed a partnership with Vodafone Germany to deploy a VDSL network in Heilbronn and Wuerzburg.

Germany, Deutsche Telekom (DT)