ACCC considering implications of Telstra’s iBurst spectrum purchase

27 Jan 2009

Online news portal ZDnet Australia is reporting that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has called for comments on Telstra’s acquisition of wireless broadband provider iBurst’s spectrum. The purchase was announced at the beginning of this month, with Telstra grabbing 5MHz of spectrum in the 1.9GHz band. The sale came about after iBurst’s parent company, Commander Communications, went into receivership in August 2008. The ACCC is seeking thoughts and comments from interested parties and industry players on how the acquisition will affect competition in the country’s wireless broadband sector. The government body has also reportedly posed some specific questions relating to the 1.9GHz-2GHz frequencies, including queries on what services the spectrum could be used for and how extensively the band is being used. Currently, other than Telstra, only Optus and Vodafone hold wireless broadband spectrum in the lower frequency range. The closing date for submissions is today.