CMT announces fibre-optic network regulations

26 Jan 2009

In a press release the Spanish regulator, the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT), has announced that it has finalised the regulatory framework that will govern the deployment of the country’s new fibre-optic and high speed broadband networks. The CMT has ruled that the incumbent Telefonica must provide wholesale bitstream access for speeds up to 30Mbps across the entire country, irrespective of the infrastructure supporting the service. However, the regulator has stated that is believes imposing access obligations for services in excess of 30Mbps could discourage investment in infrastructure by both Telefonica and alternative operators. In a bid to encourage further competition on any new infrastructure the CMT has also revealed that it will maintain existing obligations for Telefonica to provide access to infrastructure at prices based on its own production costs. Existing regulation relating to Telefonica’s copper network will also remain in place, with the incumbent required to provide unbundled local loop and sub-loop accesses.