Algeria Telecom forms VoIP partnership with Iristel

22 Jan 2009

Algeria Telecom and Iristel, a Canada-based provider of VoIP services, have launched a new VoIP service under the Algeria Connect brand, which provides virtual Algerian phone numbers to Iristel subscribers worldwide, according to a press release. With Algeria Connect, phone calls from Algeria can be made to subscribers regardless of where they are located in the world, using an Algerian phone number and at the cost of a local call. Moussa Benhamadi, CEO of Algeria Telecom, said: ‘The Iristel solution effectively closes the gap between the PSTN and VoIP networks to maintain the quality digital signal our customers have come to expect, while allowing a limitless amount of concurrent incoming calls and lowering our monthly costs.’

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT), Iristel (incl. Ice Wireless)