XL picks Cisco platform to increase mobile capacity

21 Jan 2009

PT Excelcomindo Pratama (XL), Indonesia’s third largest mobile operator by subscribers, has deployed a new technology platform supplied by Cisco which it says will allow it to realise a seven-fold increase in network capacity at a fraction of the cost of more traditional upgrades. XL has taken delivery of Cisco’s Service and Application Module for Internet Protocol (SAMI) for the Cisco 7600 Series Router, which supports so-called ‘SS7-over-IP’ (SS7oIP) traffic-processing density.

Commenting on the upgrade, XL network director Dian Siswarini said: ‘Cisco came to us with a surprisingly simple solution in the form of the SAMI. We’ve had the solution running for over two months, and it is working very well. It also gives us the additional upside of being able to deploy new services, which enhances our value to our customers.’ He went on to say: ‘Our subscriber base has grown faster than we forecast. When we first implemented Cisco’s ITP solution in 2003, we only had 2.9 million users. Today, we have more than 25 million subscribers, and this continues to grow rapidly. If we were to meet this growth the traditional way, which is to continue to just add hardware, it would have been very costly and would have added management complexity.’

Indonesia, Cisco Systems, XL Axiata