Zamtel installs 1,500km fibre-optic cable, details further expansion plans

15 Jan 2009

The Zambia Telecommunications Limited (Zamtel), the country’s incumbent telecoms provider, has completed the installation of 1,500km of fibre-optic cable, according to the Lusaka Times. The installation is part of a larger project that will see the telco install approximately 4,000km of fibre-optic cable across the country. Charles Kachikoti, Zamtel’s public relations manager, noted that the rollout will continue across the country, with the operator working outwards from Lusaka to all regions. Zamtel will initially prioritise the Lusaka to Copperbelt link, citing a shortage of broadband capacity in the region as the reason, with the link expected to be completed for commercial use by January 2010. The telco will subsequently work on the link between Lusaka and Kazungula, with a view to increasing international connectivity options; links to other parts of the world are made in the Kazungula region through Botswana and South Africa. The third link will be lit between Lusaka and Nakonde and will connect Zambia and Tanzania, and this will be followed by the Eastern and Western links.