Telstra appeals overturning of wholesale exemptions; complains about ULL pricing

15 Jan 2009

Australian news sources are reporting that incumbent Telstra is planning to appeal a decision by the Australian Competition tribunal that overturned an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) ruling which exempted the telco from wholesale obligations at 248 exchanges. Commenting on the matter Telstra Group General Counsel, Will Irving, claimed that the tribunal had ‘misinterpreted the tests that apply’ when considering whether the ACCC’s decision should be followed.

Despite the rare show of unity between Telstra and the ACCC in their agreement on the wholesale exemption case it appears however that the two can still find room for disagreement elsewhere. itWire is reporting that Telstra will launch an appeal after the ACCC rejected its proposals to charge AUD30 (USD20.1) per month for its unbundled local loop (ULL) service in metropolitan areas. The regulator claims that the fee should be approximately half of that suggested by Telstra, while the operator has also stated it wants to raise the fee to AUD48 later this year. Telstra alleges that the ACCC has deliberately applied the pricing model for the services incorrectly in order to minimise the price of the operator’s ULL services.