Telecom Fiji provides free inter-region calls

15 Jan 2009

Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL) has announced it is offering free intra-regional fixed line calls from today, mirroring similar moves by the country’s mobile operators Vodafone and Digicel which recently announced discounted calls offers. TFL says its initiative is designed to help people stay in touch during ‘these trying times’ – Fiji is struggling to contend with the worst flooding for 50 years which has already claimed at least ten lives. The telco’s pre-paid and contract customers will be able to make free inter-regional calls from 5am-7am and 6pm-8pm daily, it said. In addition, TFL will give pre-paid customers a free top-up voucher worth FJD5 (USD2.75). The operator’s offer is available until 22 January and is estimated to cost the firm in excess of FJD600,000.

Fiji, Telecom Fiji Limited (TFL)