Incumbent warns customers to expect service outages

15 Jan 2009

Nepalese incumbent Nepal Telecom (NT) is warning customers that its recent problems with poor services will continue, saying prolonged power outages are likely to disrupt services in the coming weeks. The operator says it will struggle to maintain 100% service levels during busy periods. ‘We have been providing PSTN, CDMA, GSM mobile and other services using batteries. But the recently increased period of load-shedding has left us unable to properly charge those batteries,’ NT said in a notice published in local newspapers. A spokesperson for NT, Surendra Prasad Thikey, added ‘There is only some probability of this happening in the case of the PSTN lines, as PSTN stations are based in NT’s own buildings where we also have a generator back-up … If that also fails, then we have battery back-ups.’ The telco says the biggest chance of interruption could be felt by its GSM customers. NT currently has a GSM subscriber base of around 2.2 million.

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)