Telstra adds ispONE to list of ADSL2+ wholesale providers

13 Jan 2009

According to Australian IT, incumbent Telstra has added wholesale telecoms provider ispONE to the list of companies it has agreed terms with for access to its ADSL2+ network. ispONE already offered ADSL2+ services at Optus-enabled exchanges, giving it a presence at approximately 350 locations across the country. The wholesale provider noted that its decision to agree terms with Telstra was influenced by the more extensive coverage; Telstra currently has approximately 1,400 ADSL2+ enabled exchanges. It has been revealed however that existing ispONE customers on the Optus network will continue to use the latter’s services. ispONE is one of only five operators that Telstra has signed ADSL2+ access agreements with. According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database the incumbent already has deals with People Telecom, Pacnet, Westnet and Internode.

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